Author: plebpool admin

Patience is key in the Crypto space!

We eagerly await another block, its been a while but its down to bad luck. We cant complain tho as we have had an exceptional run of late with 109% luck since we started Plebpool. We have upgraded our servers to accommodate any potential hardware upgrades with the upcoming Vasil hardfork ( just to be […]

Plebpool Upgraded to 1.33.0

We have successfully upgraded all our nodes to version 1.33.0. Please see for more details. Blurb: Cardano Node version 1.33.0 is a performance-focused release, bringing significant improvements in sync time, block propagation time, and reduced memory usage. Incremental stake aggregation and reward calculation allows much more uniform computation across the epoch, reducing the likelihood […]

100 is up!

We did it, a small little pool for South Africa has now officially minted over 100 blocks on the Cardano network! thanks to everyone that made this possible. really and truly 🙂 We will be announcing our 100th Block winner on social media. Congrats 340 ADA on its way to you our valued delegator.

Upgrade to 1.30.1 successful

We have successfully upgraded all our nodes to version 1.30.1. Please see for more details. For the technical people, change logs include Correctly translate time for Plutus (from protocol version 6 onwards). (#2451) Adding changes to the libsodium bindings. Those include a functional fix that makes it safe to call the function that generates […]