Author: plebpool admin

120 ADA donated! ;)

We are very proud to have donated our first ADA contribution to our benefactor here in South Africa. Please also consider supporting their lifeboat initiative You can find their online shop here More info to follow on where this donation will be used to help people in need 🙂 We will continue […]

More on Slot Battles, Orphaned and so called ‘stolen’ blocks

It seems Orphaned blocks do not indicate any issues with the pool, if you’re checking orphaned blocks on for example then you’ll often see that another pool’s block was accepted by the chain, this is often referred to as a ‘slot battle‘. Slot battles used to have a lot do with geography and trying […]

4th Block minted!

We are happy to announce we have minted our 4th block 😉 26-05-2021, 22:49 epoch 268 slot 90260 block 5770413 We are the slot leader for the following still to come in epoch 268 LEADER: slot[30620534] slotInEpoch[207734] at[2021-05-28T07:27:05+00:00]LEADER: slot[30667521] slotInEpoch[254721] at[2021-05-28T20:30:12+00:00]LEADER: slot[30810831] slotInEpoch[398031] at[2021-05-30T12:18:42+00:00]LEADER: slot[30841547] slotInEpoch[428747] at[2021-05-30T20:50:38+00:00]

Updated to Mainnet 1.27.0

We have updated our producer and relay nodes to the latest major version 1.27.0. We can confirm all is running well! From, “Node version 1.27.0 provides important new functionality, including supporting new CLI commands that have been requested by stake pools, providing garbage collection metrics.It includes the performance fixes for the epoch boundary calculation that […]