Let us explain the payout numbers

Plebpool has over 300K ADA currently staked at the pool. Now statistically we should find a block every 3rd Epoch (epochs last roughly 5 days). So i’m sure you are wondering is it worthwhile being with a smaller pool (although we ranking in the 600 dreds atm). Do i make less? The answer is NO not at all. We may find a block 3 times slower but when we do you will make 3 times more. See every pool statistically over time will return +-5%. That’s all pools! yes all pools, don’t let anyone tell u otherwise 😉 So for example Joe stakes 100k ADA with pool x, (given pool x is a large pool) now he should receive +-30 ADA per epoch if this pool finds a block in the epoch (which is likely as the pool is big). With plebpool when a block is found he will receive roughly 120 ADA given that this happens every 3rd epoch. So the end result is the same!

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