Plebpool updated to 1.35.3 release ;) looking good

We have successfully upgraded all our nodes to version 1.35.3. Please see for release changelog. We can confirm that the node has been running stable for the last 24 hours. This is the major release for the upcoming Vasil hard fork.

Patience is key in the Crypto space!

We eagerly await another block, its been a while but its down to bad luck. We cant complain tho as we have had an exceptional run of late with 109% luck since we started Plebpool.

We have upgraded our servers to accommodate any potential hardware upgrades with the upcoming Vasil hardfork ( just to be safe. More memory and more hard drive space. Always remember this, even Bitcoin once was at 1 cent a coin. Believe in the project, not the price. Welcome to our new delegators.

Let us explain the payout numbers

Plebpool has over 300K ADA currently staked at the pool. Now statistically we should find a block every 3rd Epoch (epochs last roughly 5 days). So i’m sure you are wondering is it worthwhile being with a smaller pool (although we ranking in the 600 dreds atm). Do i make less? The answer is NO not at all. We may find a block 3 times slower but when we do you will make 3 times more. See every pool statistically over time will return +-5%. That’s all pools! yes all pools, don’t let anyone tell u otherwise 😉 So for example Joe stakes 100k ADA with pool x, (given pool x is a large pool) now he should receive +-30 ADA per epoch if this pool finds a block in the epoch (which is likely as the pool is big). With plebpool when a block is found he will receive roughly 120 ADA given that this happens every 3rd epoch. So the end result is the same!

Plebpool Upgraded to 1.33.0

We have successfully upgraded all our nodes to version 1.33.0. Please see for more details. Blurb:

Cardano Node version 1.33.0 is a performance-focused release, bringing significant improvements in sync time, block propagation time, and reduced memory usage. Incremental stake aggregation and reward calculation allows much more uniform computation across the epoch, reducing the likelihood of spikes in CPU usage during the reward calculation period and so improving the consistency of block production.

In addition, more information is provided during node initialisation, and changes have been made to improve the handling of unexpected shutdowns when initialising the node. DNS support for IPv6 has been added. Tracing has been provided for Plutus scripts, making it easier to debug failure conditions.

Breaking Changes

With this version, the ledger state will need to be replayed from the genesis block, meaning that the initial synchronisation may be slow. Users should account for this when deploying the node.

We just hit NELSON!

111 blocks minted and 111% Luck factor for (now that’s weird)

So what is Nelson exactly? Nelson is a piece of cricket slang terminology and superstition.

The name, applied to team or individual scores of 111 or multiples thereof (known as double nelson, triple nelson, etc.) is thought to refer to a wicket.[1] Various sources ascribe it to referring to Nelson’s three major naval victories (won, won, won), or (incorrectly) to “one eye, one arm and one leg” – Nelson never in fact lost a leg, although he did indeed lose an eye and an arm. Longtime cricket historian and scorer, Bill “Bearders” Frindall once referred to it online as “one eye, one arm and one etcetera”, implying that Nelson’s alleged third lost body part was “something else”, however this is equally mythical. In the 1939 film of Goodbye, Mr Chips a schoolboy refers to Nelson in these terms: “One arm, one eye, one destiny”. Umpire David Shepherd during a radio interview to mark his retirement explained it as “One arm, one eye and one lump of sugar in his tea.”

100 is up!

We did it, a small little pool for South Africa has now officially minted over 100 blocks on the Cardano network! thanks to everyone that made this possible. really and truly 🙂 We will be announcing our 100th Block winner on social media. Congrats 340 ADA on its way to you our valued delegator.