Launch Time

Im sure some of you plebs read this as “lunch time”? Well its actually lunchtime now and also the official launch of the Pleb Pool. We have pledged 2500 ADA to start and paid the fees to register the pool, now all you need to to is to join the Pleb Pool and stake your hard earned ADA 🙂 Good luck! Our Ticker for Pleb Pool is [PLBPL]! Search for us and delegate now!

A Cardano Staking Pool for us Plebs

Small pools are essential to supporting the cardano decentralised network. We plebeians may not have 2 pennies (ADAs) to rub together between us, but 1 penny (ADA) will do. Stake any amount with us and increase your Pleb status. Run by IT professionals with 15+ years experience you can sleep safe and sound with your coins staked and not sitting under your matress!