Updated to Mainnet 1.27.0

We have updated our producer and relay nodes to the latest major version 1.27.0. We can confirm all is running well!

From https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-node/releases, “Node version 1.27.0 provides important new functionality, including supporting new CLI commands that have been requested by stake pools, providing garbage collection metrics.
It includes the performance fixes for the epoch boundary calculation that were released in node version 1.26.2, plus a number of bug fixes and code improvements.
It also includes many fundamental changes that are needed to prepare for forthcoming feature releases (notably Plutus scripts in the Alonzo era).”

2 Months on…

Well 2 months has passed since we decided to start PlebPool and we couldnt be happier. We have reached 15 delegators and over 200K ADA staked thus far. We have found 3 blocks which means for a small pool like ours really nice returns. We continue to keep up with the latest developments!

We have joined various bare metal and mission driven initiatives. We are also putting in place some automated features so that when we find a block we purchase from here [https://www.lifechangersa.org/online-store] a few things for our community here in South Africa. The more staked, the more blocks we statistically should find, and the more people we can feed. Thanks for all the support 🙂

3rd block minted

Congratulations to all of our 13 delegators. We successfully minted our 3rd block at 07-05-2021, 19:44 Epoch 264 / Slot 165573


Thanks for all the support thus far (over 159K ADA staked) in making a success of plebpool! We will release more information on our charitable cause soon! People will be feed in South Africa because we are finding blocks 😉

Updated to Mainnet 1.26.2

We have updated our producer and relay nodes to version 1.26.2 🙂 All is running well!

From https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-node/releases, “This point release is a recommended upgrade for all stake pool operators. It is not required for relays or other passive nodes. It ensures that block producing nodes do not unnecessarily re-evaluate the stake distribution at the epoch boundary.”

Supporting our Community

We are busy applying for the IOHK community stake pool delegation. https://iohk.io/en/blog/posts/2021/04/01/announcing-a-new-round-of-community-stake-pool-delegation/. This forms part of our mission to support worthy initiatives like https://www.lifechangersa.org/. Please consider becoming a partner and or supporting their Life Boat project.

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One Life Foundation office phone number:
+27 33 321 2050

PBO No: 930053761

Reg No: 2016/115154/08