Plebpool Upgraded to 1.33.0

We have successfully upgraded all our nodes to version 1.33.0. Please see for more details. Blurb:

Cardano Node version 1.33.0 is a performance-focused release, bringing significant improvements in sync time, block propagation time, and reduced memory usage. Incremental stake aggregation and reward calculation allows much more uniform computation across the epoch, reducing the likelihood of spikes in CPU usage during the reward calculation period and so improving the consistency of block production.

In addition, more information is provided during node initialisation, and changes have been made to improve the handling of unexpected shutdowns when initialising the node. DNS support for IPv6 has been added. Tracing has been provided for Plutus scripts, making it easier to debug failure conditions.

Breaking Changes

With this version, the ledger state will need to be replayed from the genesis block, meaning that the initial synchronisation may be slow. Users should account for this when deploying the node.

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