Pool Info

The PlebPool (PLBPL) has 1 Producer Node and 2 relay Nodes in Cape Town South Africa and Canada/US using dedicated hardware. The PlebPool (PLBPL) has locked down its servers with state of the art security best practices and its configuration support the best possible availability (uptime).

Pool ID:
Total Stake: ADA
Last Reward Epoch:
Tax Ratio:
Tax Fix:
Lifetime ROA: %
Monthly ROA: %
Blocks Lifetime:
Blocks in epoch:
Pledge: ADA

Fixed Fee 340 ADA

This is the default minimum fixed fee set by Cardano Network to run a stake pool. We have kept to this default setting.

Pool fee 0.5%

Pool fees set at 0.5%, realistically a 0% pool doesn’t pay more given the fixed fee rate. Pool luck is a factor in any Staked

Small Pool Support

We are a new small pool but dedicated to providing the best pool experience, contact us if you have any questions