We just hit NELSON!

111 blocks minted and 111% Luck factor for Plebpool.com (now that’s weird)

So what is Nelson exactly? Nelson is a piece of cricket slang terminology and superstition.

The name, applied to team or individual scores of 111 or multiples thereof (known as double nelson, triple nelson, etc.) is thought to refer to a wicket.[1] Various sources ascribe it to referring to Nelson’s three major naval victories (won, won, won), or (incorrectly) to “one eye, one arm and one leg” – Nelson never in fact lost a leg, although he did indeed lose an eye and an arm. Longtime cricket historian and scorer, Bill “Bearders” Frindall once referred to it online as “one eye, one arm and one etcetera”, implying that Nelson’s alleged third lost body part was “something else”, however this is equally mythical. In the 1939 film of Goodbye, Mr Chips a schoolboy refers to Nelson in these terms: “One arm, one eye, one destiny”. Umpire David Shepherd during a radio interview to mark his retirement explained it as “One arm, one eye and one lump of sugar in his tea.”

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